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Mock Exam California Real Estate Whatever the broker believes his authority to be, even if it extends beyond those duties agreed to under the listing contract. That which will be necessary to sell the property, regardless of the listing terms, because that is the purpose for. California Real Estate License Exam Prep: Unlocking the DRE Salesperson and Broker Exam. 4th Edition. Chapter 6: Practice of real estate and disclosures. 1. WEaKNEssEs. 2 Practice test 1: diagnostic. Part III: rEvIEWINg rEal EstatE Exam CoNtENt. 3 law of agency. . 4 Interests, Estates, and ownership.

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California Real Estate Practice Pdf

EDITION PIVAR california real estate practice pdf Leading Real Estate. Licensing Education in California. - do, 28 mrt GMT. Get Free Read & Download Files California Real Estate Practice PDF. CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRACTICE. Download: California Real Estate Practice. Get Free Read & Download Files California Real Estate Practice 8th Edition PDF. CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRACTICE 8TH EDITION. Download: California.

Most states administer the tests in two parts, and require that the candidate pass both. The general part of the exam is broken into several categories, similar to the categories you will see in this sample practice test below. Choose "Study Mode" to show answers as you go. Real Property Characteristics 1. Another test to determine whether an item is a fixture is whether the item is so adapted to the real property, that to remove the item will diminish the value or utility of the real property. Of course, if the purchase contract specifically includes a certain item with the sale of the property, that item must be regarded as a fixture, whether it meets the legal definition of fixture or not. Likewise if the purchase contract specifically excludes an item from the sale, it must be regarded as personal property, and should be removed. Incorrect answer, please choose another answer.

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PDF [DOWNLOAD] California Real Estate Practice - 7th ed FOR IPAD

Book details Author: Robert L. Herd Pages: Cengage Learning Language: English ISBN Description this book Please continue to the next pageGet now: Herd 4.

The grantee receives the property. The tenant holds the lease. The mortgagee is the lender. The borrower gives a mortgage to the lender. The lender gives money to the borrower.

Real Estate Flashcards

Replacement cost is the cost to produce a structure that is essentially the same as the existing structure but using modern materials and standards. Reproduction cost is an estimate of the cost to produce exactly the same structure with the same materials.

A tax deduction is subtracted from income. If all things are equal, a tax credit generally is more valuable than a tax deduction of the same amount. Well, there are several types of property ownership, and you need to know about them to pass the real estate license exam. Here are the four most common types of property ownership: Tenancy in severalty: Although it may sound like more, this type of ownership is by one person or a corporation.

Real Estate Agent License Practice Test ( Current)

Tenancy in common: Equal or unequal undivided ownership between two or more people is what characterizes this type of ownership. Joint tenancy: The four unities that must exist for this type of ownership to exist are Interest: Each owner has the same interest. Possession: All owners hold an undivided interest.

Time: All owners receive their interest at the same time. Title: All owners acquire their interest with the same deed. This right of survivorship may vary by state. Property can also be lost involuntarily through the forces of nature, law, or the government. And finally — in fact, very finally — property is usually transferred after you die.

Earn Your California Real Estate License and Become an Agent

Become familiar with these real estate words for giving up and losing property: Dedication: When you dedicate property, you essentially give it up voluntarily to the government. An example is a developer giving up streets in a subdivision.

Public grant: A public grant of land is just the opposite of dedication; the government actually is giving property to private individuals.

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